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Your personal dry suit with the price of a standard one

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Your personal dry suit with the price of a standard one
Dry suit made in Russia

The fact that we will start making OUR own dry suits was clear a long time ago; rather, it was not clear WHEN. And it is unlikely that we were spurred on by the crisis, Western sanctions or the notorious import substitution. Rather, we are just ready. So why do we? Or so – why our FROGMAN dry suit?

So, why FROGMAN?

High-quality Russian production
Do you know many of dry suit manufacturers with production in Europe? As a rule, most European companies (including well - respected ones) have only offices in Europe, but production is located in China with all ensuing consequences.Therefore, the first point for us was the production in Russia from the best materials, not just production but high-quality production and quality.
Modular concept
We offer customers a certain standard "base" option" with numbers of interchangeable options. You can order replacement silicone cuffs on rings or one of three options for glued latex cuffs; three types of Si Tech valves or Apeks valves; plastic or metal zipper; boots, socks or FlexSole, and so on. We initially worked as a "custom made Studio" for dry suit repair, so we know that requests. And even some requests are completely unexpected.And we ready for these.
Dry suit with minimal weight
We suppose that is important to make the dry suit as light as possible, so our Frogman Travel model is made of very light but durable trilaminate. Thanks to the plastic zipper and lightweight boots, the weight of this model is less than 3 kg, which has a positive effect on the total weight of the diver's luggage. This dry suit can be taken with you on any trip by airplane or expedition without fear of overweight.

How we work

  • Personal order will be done in four weeks
    We take two to four weeks to make a custom made Frogman dry suit. All changes made up to the basic model (for example, to put boots or Flexsole size 41 on a suit size XXL) can are done in the same time frame and at No additional cost.
  • All materials are ready on the stock
    The absolute majority of components are in our warehouse in Moscow. You can inspect and touch and inspect all materials that will be used for your dry suit production. All of our managers are professional divers and they will be happy to give you best advises.
  • Prompt warranty services
    We give a two-year factory warranty for our product. All spare parts and repair facilities are located in Russia. Just one week for complete service and you will be able to dive again in the dry suit.

  • Professional services
    We have already 14 years experience in professionally dry suit services and repair of dry suits. Our specialists have been trained in England and Finland and are certified to produce warranty repairs of suits from European manufacturers.

Choose yours FROGMAN

All dry suits FROGMAN covered with factory warranty

2 years
for materials and seams of dry suit. Exceptions are cases with obvious mechanical damage, punctures, scuffs
1 year
for boots, Flex Sole, rubber boots and socks, except for cases of mechanical damage

1 year
for plastic TiZip and Aquaseal (YKK), subject to the manufacturer's recommendations on the rules of use and care
When you are going to use Frogman dry suits for professional purposes, the warranty obligations are discussed separately in each case. Please note that if you suspect the occurrence of a warranty event (leakage, peeling, or any other type of problem), please immediately contact our company service center (Address: 7 Urzhumskaya street, Moscow) for advice. Please understand that we may refuse to provide warranty repairs if the repairs are performed by third-party organizations or in wrong conditions.
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